Sprinkler / Irrigation


Sprinkler / Irrigation
We are strictly a Toro Irrigation dealer.

Toro offers a complete line of professional products that work together to provide optimal water-management solutions for all your irrigation needs. We want to help you make every one of your irrigation projects as good as they can be. That's why Toro is committed to developing advanced and improved products that water more accurately, more efficiently, more dependable and more affordably.

Whether you need a replacement irrigation head or an irrigation system, we can help you! Stop in to talk to our irrigation professionals today.

Trust Only in Professional Irrigation Installers

Your irrigation has a very important role in your lawn or landscape. It is the lifeblood of all the softscape elements in your landscaping. If you have a poorly designed sprinkler/irrigation system, your turf and other plantings will wither or die and become susceptible to diseases, pest infestation and other plant problems. An inefficient irrigation system will also result in huge water consumption. Don't let these things happen in your lawn or landscaping by hiring well-experienced irrigation installers like us at Grahek's, Inc. Our installers have decades of experience designing and installing sprinklers and irrigation systems across Michigan. They are certified technicians, so you are assured that the installation is done correctly and according to industry standards and regulations.

Highly-efficient Sprinklers and Irrigation

Our primary objective is to design and install highly-efficient sprinkler/irrigation systems for our clients. If you hire our installation services, you will get a reliable irrigation that is also long-lasting and low-maintenance. We ensure the efficiency of our designed system by identifying the right zones, using the correct type of sprinklers, and installing premium quality pumps, piping system, and other irrigation accessories. We also use Toro irrigation products, one of the best brands in the industry. This manufacturer offers innovative products that are proven water-efficient and long-lasting. You will enjoy the warranty it offers since Grahek's, Inc. is an accredited dealer and certified Toro installer.

The best type of irrigation that we recommend is the automated sprinkler system. It is a highly efficient irrigation that can be designed in a set-and-forget manner. If you want to conserve water and reduce your monthly water bills, we can design and install one in your property. Call us so we can discuss your options.